Invitation to Collaborate with Aspire

  • Jade and Moonstone beads could be cut in half to make fancy, high end matching buttons.
  • Platinum plating mirrors so well, in an ultra clean looking design the screen could be covered with a plate of it so when you hit the + button it opens as an extension to its base in the direction that the mod needs more stability while sitting and have a magnifying mirror on inside so you can focus clearly on screen while actually taking a vape. Nice spot to keep a USB port and it reflecting screen light internally could light up the body.
  • Revvo tank with tank Coin like disks with different weight options that slide in center to increase pressure during inversion, pushing juice to the surface of the ARC coil.
  • My experience in flicking a closed and capped revvo inverted at sheet of paper makes it clear to me that pressure threw the arc coil is best for extremely thick vapor and even better at flavor than all other methods because its even and quick.
  • A tool for cleaning of residuals that come from certain types of juice on top of Arc coil could maintain perfect angle by using center post after coil mounting screw is removed. It could operate with just a simple twist.
    Key features would be a non bending flat edge scooping from coil surface and mounted so it wont push to far.
  • A completely automated and programable juice to coil system could be made to work by making a reverse polarity current to atomizer activate electromagnetic coil that acts on permanent magnet to push juice.
  • Arc coil with solid silver out ring and insulated steel disk under wicking material. Magnetic field from coils in atomizer could induce attraction between disk and heating coil squeezing juice to surface.
  • The mathematical infinity symbol that looks like an 8 stretched sideways may make more sense to people than 9.99 next to the ohms symbol and take up less room on the display than "no atomizer" message.
  • My world comes crashing to an end. I destroyed my Aspire Dynamo in a terrific fall. So now I'm looking to replace my Dynamo and of course I look to aspire....

    Nothing from Aspire beside the Dynamo brings it to the table, why?. Where's my dual battery options, a battery drawer cover that actually works? Where's my options of buying a replacement red Dynamo with a silver tank?

    Are you trying to drive me away?, why do I not find a Dynamo in USA UNDER $100 as a kit IN STOCK?

    Who's going to listen to the us, the users of Aspire, the leaders of the market when you can't find your products in stock and have to accept the really myopic decisions of color choices available?

    Fix that battery cover, my secondary backup Dynamo is so bad you can't even grab it without the battery cover opening. Give me a screwed into place cover....anything but your works for 30 days in the lab must be good mentality.

    I need a new Dynamo and it's atrocious to think after NO NEW RELEASES OR UPGRADES to the Dynamo line has driven old stock up in price.

    That's a failure in leadership, where's the Dynamo replacement and where's my ability to mix and match my desires as I purchase.

    We don't do pods, we are not 16 years old, we want the next gen of CNC hard body frame with Nepho Tank built to last.

    May the gods rest upon my last Dynamo, because Aspire is resting on its laurels after failing to realize they had the best of the best and failed in colors and marketing to surpass all competition.

    I'm upset. Aspire has the leaderboards globally and has what to replace my dynamo?.....nothing. So I'm forced to backtrack and seek what?

  • the wife read my review and she says this:

    Colors means nothing to a products that works, so your color issues means nothing to her. She's says straight black on black is fine if they'd just fix my scotch taped battery cover.

    Can't we just see a neomydium magnet backed up door cover using the slide latch failure everyone complains about?.

    Can we see a reliable and stable battery cover like on other puxos models? That is a win.

    She says she loves everything loves every single feature of the Dynamo because her and her coworkers can swap tanks and enjoy their juices at a real level.

    Why would you discontinue this product, most sites says discontinued ? You have the worlds best mod base and some genius in the company says where the market is going, that's a fail and giving away your position as a world leader.

    You had a product that could last for years to come and others copied your innovation, so why quit? Why not continue to show your the best? You had variation in so many ways but you were blind to see what you created and so now it can't be found by your own hand.

    I need a dynamo that works the battery cover needs work, maybe make it with a neo mydium magnet like the puxos that would be epic. If marketing can't decide the best colors, then put out a straight black on black for the masses, but to walk away from the dynamo and it's true ability to surpass the clones who copy your designs is where you are forcing me to go.

    Help me and countless others who really love the Dynamo and it's ability to accept any Tank and coil to enjoy the damn product. You as Aspire are killing me and my decisions.

    Go with pods, sure that's fine....but dammit build us a beast with a battery door that handles real life after 30 days....

    Even if it's black on black, she doesn't care, nor do I

  • Here a hint: when you buy an iMac what color does it come in.....SILVER. who cares because it works and we focus on it works and lasts. Colormeans nothing but that's an option that could be....

    Make it last, make it work like it did and make it 4 damn pounds if need be.....but you had a product that was revolutionary and it came with a 90 day warranty.....

    Give me 180 days, give me a company designed case if necessary to protect my investment. Your asking us to back you and you offer nothing but 90 days or bust?

    CNC the product. In various colors as afterthought. Fire your coloring dept. it's horrid.
  • After dropping my Archon several times from heights, on hard surfaces and into wet areas have to say its put together well, but I think the bottom contacts, although spring loaded, could be easier on the batteries by being a bit little flatter. Had to repair a battery on two occasions after dropping it with a Revvo. Thought I scuffed the paint on it a tiny bit but then noticed it wasn't its paint
  • Making the top of silicone cap a bit thicker may aid Revvo in protecting other equipment from impacts as well.
  • One more thing about the Dynamo, which I now possess a mint condition one due to my wife saying she's had it with a bad battery door, tossed me hers, and shopped elsewhere unfortunately...

    ....But the Dynamo has a fantastic clearly usable interface, and yet I can't add a single feature to it such as

    Design my own clock, in any form.
    Add a personal image to view instead of clock interface.
    Change the battery power bar colors to 16 colors?
    Change any color of the clocks provided or the layout.
    Protect my investment with a silicone skin from Aspire
    Have a waterproof/water resistant guaranteed to 3m or better.

    You have one of the greatest designs and interfaces on the market, and where's the followup?....where's the Dynamo 2?

    The top fill childproof is copied now. Showing Aspire Designs are the best, bottom tank airflow is right on the money. Everything is right, add a few new features recommended above and try a CNC machined alloy body.

  • Pucker up! The vapor chamber above Arc coil could cause a low pressure while opening to push vape juice to surface of coil.
  • Cylinder shaped dual/single battery mod that splits in middle from strong magnets bottom half has high power flash light COB pointing down. In single battery mod mode you can get hot boost to bat power from just snapping on bottom section.
  • Triple vertical coils at angle to produce vortex, reduce spit back and improve flow .
  • The ideal simplified mesh foil deck would have mesh surface along air intake. Should open air intake and see mesh there parallel to atomizer body.
  • A double mesh atomizer could have coils like air scoops with one end starting at air intake then curving air smoothly towards drip tip.
  • How long does it take to find out if Aspire likes an idea?
  • @Ronald_Brideau Thank you so much for providing so much suggestion, all of your suggestion have been passed to our products development department.
    We are very grateful and attach great attention to the suggestions forwarded by every fan, we will review all the suggestions.We may take the suggestion suitable for our brand and product direction, if the suggestion doesn't be took, it may not be suitable at this stage,or it is not suitable for our current brand and product strategy.We are considering the needs of a large market group, but we are also trying our best to satisfy all Aspire user groups as much as possible. We hope that the products from Aspire in future will bring you a better experience.
    Thank you again for the suggestion.
    Best Regards
    Aspire Team

  • A mod may be able to stop any oxidation on a coil or perhaps whole atomizer by maintaining a electrical charge on it.
  • A wickless conical spiral coil could be fed at top contact.
  • A juice grove could stamped into top center line of coil element to increase vapor production and cleaner taste.
  • Stealth flash light mod. make behind flash light led room for atomizer and have it arm on taking of the cover.
  • A silicone mat made for between Archon and atomizer would allow it to sport 25mm atomizers with out looking top heavy, make it even easier to grip, accommodate even longer pin connectors and make for an even cleaner design. Was thinking something styled after a helicopter landing pad.
  • Launch tower mod. Makes atomiser look like rocket ready for launch. In use it looks like your covering mouth with hand from the side.
  • The Archon could use a reset in menu for the down regulation from temp control over heat. Could have used it after experimenting with ultra low air flow in my custom ported Kayfun 5 Squared. Didn't mind pulling the battery so much , particularly with the silicon print I just stuck on the cover.
  • Mod-atomizer connection mat would go very well with string index to pinky knuckle long and much larger than most pink finger rings at end.
  • Quality gun tape applies so easily and trims so perfectly with the edge of its metal cover, you may want to make it a marketing consideration for the Archon.
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