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Dear customers,
With the intention of improving and increasing customer satisfaction, product quality, to create better, more innovative products for the benefit of our customers, and to create products that meet the demands of the market, we at Aspire now officially announce that: ASPIRE is open to any product suggestions, any ideas on improvement to our product design and quality. We will hold regular monthly meetings to seriously review product ideas and concept suggestions provided by our customers. If and when the selected idea(s) provided by the customer(s) has been adopted and applied to an Aspire product, Aspire promise that the idea(s) will be recognized and duly rewarded, resulting in a win-win situation for both Aspire and our valued customer(s). Any customer suggestion that is subsequently adopted and applied to an Aspire product will then, after the customer has been duly recognized and rewarded, be patented by and be the property of Aspire.
Aspire welcomes all of our customers to provide us with ideas and suggestions on and to our products, especially suggestions on new product concepts. We at Aspire value customer feedback and suggestions and will take into consideration every idea that is good for Aspire’s development and continued strength in the market.
If you feel you have good idea or suggestion, please send details to
We look forward to receiving your ideas and suggestions!
Aspire team

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  • I highly recommend that Aspire make available the Breeze 2 pod with airflow control for those who want and extra pod or two so that they can easily switch flavors on their mod!
  • Sent an email outlining the Squonk box I keep wanting but never see or when I did from a competitor, it wasn't very good.

    1. Make a larger airflow port (or ports) to increase airflow. The original Breeze has better airflow than the Breeze 2.
    2. Make the firing button area recessed like the original Breeze. It's difficult to find the firing button on the Breeze 2 by touch while driving.
    3. Make the drip tip easier to get off. You really have to pry your fingernail underneath to get it off on the Breeze 2.
  • @charlzrocks ,thank you for the kind suggestion,we will pass your kind suggestion to our products development department
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