Gurgling and Flavor Problems

I got a breeze aio not too long ago and it works fine but when I refill it's always gurgles with juice and I even make sure I'm not over filling it by putting it way below the red line .Right now I'm using a flavor called brain freeze and I let it sit for over and hour with a new coil and when I hit it all I taste is menthol and it's awful .them after 30 or so hits the flavor kicks in and it's amazing.Can a way help
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  • @theojr567 What's the PV/VG ratio of your liquid ?
    Otherwise, with every refill, put a towel around your coil and make some rapid movements to force the surplus of liquid out.
    Menthol is a rather strong taste, if this only happens with a new coil, I would say it is not too bad.
    Have you already tried your Breeze with another kind of liquid ?
  • @Cegoca my pg is 70/30 I believe I've used strawmelon 45 nic it gurgle and as well the flavor was not coming up but that's flavor only took a few hits to taste better unlinke the brain freeze
  • @theojr567 Try using the same liquid at a bit less PG ratio (so a bit thicker) if possible to avoid the gurgling.
  • So I tried putting in a new juice by mr salt and wait 1 hour to sit and tried your towel method .and juice went everywhere almost filling up my drip tip in the chamber.the chamber was half filled with juice i don't think I'll ever buy anything from aspire again
  • @theojr567 For the towel method, I meant on the coil (and it's tube) alone, not with the whole device.
    But what happened to you perhaps proves there might be something not tight enough.
    Also, what is that new liquid pg/vg ratio ?
  • Perhaps a 50/50 liquid would temper the flooding ...
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