K4 Leakage

I have had my K4 for a week now but I find it leaks. It uses lots of juice anyway but some leaks from the glass piece furthest away from the screw top, if that makes sense. Is there a right way to it the glass in please or do I just have a did one? Thank you
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  • My cleito leaked when I first got it, probably because the top fill was new to me. How I fill mine is to not fill it to the rim, leave a little room for air in the tank when you put the cap back on. When you get the cap screwed back on turn it upside down for a few seconds, this allows any air pressure to escape thru the slots where you can see the cotton. If you don't turn it upside down after refilling then the air pressure in the tank will force too much ejuice into the cotton, which could cause a bit of ejuice to collect in the base of the tank where the air flow adjusting ring is located, which could eventually leak out of the tank. Just the smallest amount of juice that might leak from the tank may seem like a lot. If you got some juice in the base of the tank it may be best to fully disassemble the tank and clean it, otherwise you may be dealing with what feels like a film of juice on the tank and mod for a long time to come.
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