Not sure if vape is charging

Hello all, bit of a dumb one I'm afraid.

I got an aspire vape pen for Christmas and have been doing just fine so far. However I have just starting charging up, but instead of a red light flashing green it's just red.

It may be me being paranoid but is it actually charging or has something gone wrong somewhere? I rather thought it wouldn't have died after a mere 2 months of occasional use, but if it's just a broken L.E.D in the charger then it would be good to set my mind at ease.

(But I very much doubt it's the L.E.D as that sounds faintly ridiculous and seems tacky)

((The light was only made different by me gripping it, I know it sounds silly but I'm new to a,l this and thought I should include it just in case))

Thanks everybody :)
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  • What model Aspire is it? If we know the model, we may be able to help. Also, the Aspire models have generally a 3 month warrranty, so you may be able to return it if it is defective.
  • @charlzrocks I admit that I don't know the specific make, as I got it as is without packaging etc.

    It says 'kanger tech evod' on the bottom half though I don't know what that means or if it even means anything sadly.
  • Looks like you have a mod made by Kanger. I suggest that you check their forum as this forum only deals with Aspire brand products.
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