K4 starter kit

I bought a mod about a year ago used it once wasn't ready to quit smoking yet so I put back ijn the case and put it up well being a new year in all I figured I'd give vaping a chance again. So I've been using my mod for about month now and well the button on it keeps sticking on it don't know much and a friend even suggested it could be the tank causing it so I went out and spent another 25$ on a new cleto tank to see if that would fix the problem well looks like I wasted my money because the button is still sticking and it feels like I'm holding a ticking time bomb in my hand I would hate to lose my teeth and face to something that I'm switching to so I can prolong my life and this point I feel like I should switch back to the cancer sticks and swear off vaping if this thing is goijng to blow up on me.
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