Charging my 2 day old Aspire Breeze

There's 1 pink light on the bottom indicator. What's wrong?
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  • This is direct from the Breeze owners manual: Charging Instructions
    • Charge via Micro USB port. Maximum charge current can reach up to 800mA.
    • When the usb cable is attached the Breeze indicator light will flash blue and
    orange three times. While charging the LED will indicate the Breeze’s current
    charge status:3.4 volts or less= orange light; 3.4 to 3.8 volts= blue light; 3.8
    volts and above =both blue and orange lights. When the Breeze fully charges
    the LED will flash blue and orange 20 times.


    • When the Breeze is in use, the light will indicate your Breeze’s current
    charge. When the Breeze’s current charge capacity is above 3.8 volts the
    indicator lights will be blue and orange. When the charge is between 3.8 and
    3.4 volts the light will be blue only. When the charge drops below 3.4 volts
    the light will then become orange to remind you that it is time to charge your
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