Aspire Speeder firmware V02 is now here

we listen to your suggestion and cancel the wattage draining phenomenon on the speeder mod. What’s more,V02 firmware allows you to adjust the screen brightness.We also add Wattage preheat function to Speeder mod, it has three levels: H(Harder)/N(Normal)/S(Soft).
More detailed information and download here:
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  • @Focal Thank you for the suggestion
    I will pass your suggestion to our products development department
  • v2.1or v3.0 suggestion

    The software should automatically select the best wattage level depending on the resistance value
  • @Alibi Pre-heat and Brightness values are not retained after removing batteries, come on guys
    The firmware has been updated,please check
  • null
    I second this motion. Love the Speeder, love the V2.0 upgrade, love the fact that you guys actually listen to our feedback. What can I say, you guys rock!!!
    That said,
    I would still love to see the resistance in real time and also be able to read the amps I'm dragging from my batteries
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    @Paracelsus No, the update software is the same but the firmware file (the .bin file) is different and what it should be (SPEEDER_V02.bin).
  • Good, happy Speeder vaping !
  • I bought the Nautilus 2. Wow, what a tank. Just fantastic.
    I bought the Cleito EXO, Great flavour, one of my favourite tanks.
    A few days ago I bought the Speeder. I was expecting a lot from this device. The internal charger is very good. It's actually way faster than some external chargers.
    My watt meter goes up to 2 amp @ 5V. And it keeps the cells well balanced. Good job!

    But the Speeder is missing some really important features. When will you add the puff counter and time (drag time)?
    Those features are very important to some of us. For example. Im trying to lower my nicotine intake. 1ml of e-juice lasts me 500 seconds.
    That let's me know my intake. But the Speeder keeps me in the dark. At the end of the day, I don't know how much I have used. Unless I measure the liquid put in the tank.
    The time counter would also show the difference between batteries.
    And the battery percentage would be a lot more helpful than the two bars at the bottom
  • Pre-heat and Brightness values are not retained after removing batteries, come on guys. :((

    Also, I wish the battery cutoff voltage is increased from 3.0V to 3.1-3.2V. It's better for the batteries longevity on the long run. 3.0V is a little too low IMO.
  • @Alibi thank you for the feedback
    For the first question,I will check with our engineer
    For the second question, different users give us the different suggestion, some users want to set the cutoff voltage at 3.0V,then one fully charged,they can use it longer.
  • And I'd like to advocate for, again, a puff counter/puff duration accumulator function. Although one of the many things I admire about the Aspire Speeder is how simple it is to operate.
  • Thank you for the kind suggestion
    All of your suggestion will be passed to Aspire products development department
  • I was using CPS mode and loved it.
    The only problem I had with the graph is that it does not "auto-adjust." For example, when making a custom profile, let's say it starts from 40W and then drops to 20W.
    Then the graph looks like a stright line cause the screen is way too small for a 200W graph scale.

    I have now updated the firmware to V2.
    In the old version I was able to adjust wattage for every second up to ten seconds. When in CPS mode, I had to press up and down button at the same time to change power levels.
    Now after the update it brings up the brightness sceen instead of letting me create custom power curves. Then I found this, but it does not work. When in CPS mode, pressing up/down button does nothing.

    "CPS is short for Customizable Power Settings. When the mod is in CPS mode, Press up or down button will change the wattage, pressing fire button to select time from 1 to 10 seconds, pressing up and down buttons simultaneously again will exit your Customizable Power Settings."
  • what is the deference between H,N,S in wattage mode in details please?
  • @

    I don't usually use CPS mode, but I tested mine after seeing your post. Mine still works after upgrading to firmware V02. Make sure you have fully selected C1, C2 or C3 before attempting adjustment. If the memory location is still backlight highlighted and you press both ends of the adjustment button it will bring up the brightness adjustment instead of the time/power graph adjustment screen.
  • @ASMASH At the first two 2 seconds,under hard mode,it will ouput 20% more wattage than normal value
    under soft mode,the first two 2 seconds, the wattage will 20% less than normal vaule.
  • @Focal
    Actually, a short (less than a second) simultaneous push will enter the settings (CPS, TC and TCR).
    A long push will open the brightness screen.

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    First: Thanks for the continous improvement on the Speeder. I really appreciate the ability of setting the screen's brightness and to (hard) preheat. But as "Alibi" already mentioned: those settings are not persistant :-( - this should really be fixed in the next firmware update.
    And speaking about the next firmware version: I would LOVE TO SEE an option to "auto-lock" after X min. Just because I forgot to lock the Speeder it fired by accident in my pants (sounds great, huh?) and burnt already 2 coils....
    Anyhow - the Speeder is my fav mod because of its form and size - fits and feels perfect in my hand.
  • Well ... an auto-lock option that can easily be disabled then ...
  • @aVapor thank you for the kind suggestion,I will pass the kind suggestion to our products development department
  • @Tina It's working properly now, options are saved correctly...thank you! (and to the engineering team)
  • Hello - i just downloadet the Firmware 2 - the .zip File says Firmware 2 but it contains the Update to Firmware 1.1
    So, is the Download broken?
    Regards, Tom
  • @Paracelsus for more Detail - the "Aspire Speeder Firmware V02" contains the same Software as provided with the Link to the "Aspire Speeder Firmware V01"
  • @Cegoca OMG - I am such stupid. To update I klick Fil - and it loads in the V1.1 from a different Location ( I used that a while ago) Had to Choos the right Location and it works. Thanks alot! Best!
  • Tina said:

    cancel the wattage draining phenomenon

    Can somebody explain this? What does it mean for the end-user?

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