Aspire SkyStar Mod CPS Tutorial

I hope that this helps the folks out there that may be confused on how to set the CPS function on the SkyStar mod!
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  • Thanks much for this! Wondering what this actually DOES, though--in terms of flavor production, preventing the ARC coil from burning out, etc. What are good settings?
  • The CPS mode is provided so that the user can program the wattage setting(s) over a 9.5 second time span of a single vape draw. The user can experience variable power, heat and/or flavor to help them maximize the aforementioned potentials in a single vape. Settings are up to the user and can be used to maximize or minimize flavor, cloud production and/or coil longevity. There are no recommended settings, that is why they call it Custom Power Setting. These settings will always be up to the individual as to their own personal taste preferences. The only recommendation that I can give is to not go higher than the coil's own power ceiling.
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