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First I'd like to say that i love my SkyStar, and Revvo tank. I got to let Aspire and SkyStar users aware of a minor issue I found when using the SkyStar and changing from one tank to another of which a different coil is installed. So I had an Atlantis Evo tank with 0.3 ohm coil installed on Skystar. With the screen off (screen off after clock), I removed the Evo tank and installed the Revvo tank, then next time I use the Skystar it says that the 0.3 ohm coil is still installed when actually the Revvo is installed, I even press the fire button and it don't change the resistance setting. I am able to reproduce this problem over and over. Not to worry though, all I do is to remove the Revvo tank and reinstall it with the screen turned on and it reads the Revvo tank ohms, or change tanks when the SkyStar screen in on. Maybe with the next firmware update this can be addressed.
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  • I fixed the problem. For some reason there was a small amount of filth on the gold connector of the Revvo tank. Cleaned the connector on the tank and the mod and everything seems to be working well again. I learned something new out of this.
  • Interesting ... in what mode are you while doing this ?
    Because my Skystar acts "normal" in power mode :-?
  • I use watts. What I think is happening is the Skystar goes to sleep once the screen goes blank after the clock turns off. That's when I change the tank and I don't think the SkyStar knows I changed the tank (coil resistance). Then when I press the fire button to wake the Skystar from it's sleep, it doesn't check the coil resistance.
  • There you can see the Revvo tank and the resistance says 0.3 ohms.
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    Ok, I just tried more tanks and it does the same thing. Screen goes blank so I remove the tank and install the Revvo tank and the resistance don't change. And, if the Revvo tank is installed and showing the correct reisitance, then goes to sleep, I replace with a different tank/resistance and it does change when I wake it up. The only tank that the Skystar does't update the resistance for upon waking up is the Revvo tank.

    I would like to add that Skystar does act correctly when installing the batteries, it powers on and reads the resistance of what ever tank is installed. And when the screen is on and i remove a tank and install a different one it reads the correct resistance.
  • When I change a tank when the Skystar is off, it will detect the change at the first fire.

    Mine acts thus normally.
  • @Chad_H
    Maybe after the weekend this can be addressed by @tina
  • I don't consider this a big deal. Just thought I'd toss it out there. I did accidentally drop it in the snow so maybe that is the cause, I'm glad it still works after that.
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    Thank you for the final feedback, the problem caused by the small amount of filth on the gold connector of the Revvo tank
    Yes,if there is something dirty on the connector pin of the tank or the mod, which will affect use.
    What's more, when users change a new tank on the mod, please make sure the screen is light up, under standby mode(the screen is off), in order to save power, the mod will not detect the resistance of the coil.
    When the screen light up, and press the fire button, the mod will detect the resistance of the coil again and change the resistance according to the resistance coil being used.

    Enjoy it and learn more

    Aspire also keeps learning and moving on.

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