My thoughts about the Skystar Revvo kit

First I would like to mention that I won a Skystar Revvo Kit from this very website, thank you Aspire. I haven't even had it for 2 days yet so here is my first impressions of the Skystar Revvo kit.

A little about my vaping experience. I started vaping back in July, started with the MarkTen ecig, to get me off of cigarettes. It worked, mostly because my body was in a lot of pain and the nicotine pains weren't that bad, the pain in my body is a story for another day. After weeks of MarkTen my wife showed me an iPV D2 and Atlantis V2 that somebody gave her a while back, so I took to vape shop and they set me up and got it working for me. I liked the iPV so much I bought another, the iPV D4, and been using it ever since. I also purchased a number of Aspire products, the CF Mod, G Force battery and K1 (for the wife), Atlantis Evo, Cleito, Cleito Exo, Nautilus X (rainbow), and Triton 2. I'm not a pro vaper and never even knew about vaping until July, if I had then I probably would have quit smoking long ago.

On to the Revvo tank.
It's different. It works. It has good flavor. In the short time I been using the Revvo, no leaks what so ever. Filling it is easy, my regular juice uses the eye dropper and no problems filling the Revvo tank with that. Although I do remove the drip tip when filling just so I can see what's happening. While vaping sometimes I hear a crackling noise, to cure this I just hold it upside down for a few seconds before vaping. I don't like the crackling noise since my other Aspire coils don't do this, the crackling noise gives me flashbacks of when I bought coils from ebay. My daily vape juice is a 50/50 6mg called Wild Fire by Puff. I normally burn it at 70-75 watts, with 0.3 ohm coil, in my Atlantis Evo with the 5ml Cleito glass installed. The Revvo gives me a lot better flavor, might I say it is a smoother and richer flavor. Not sure why, perhaps because the Revvo coil is burning more juice, because it seems to me that I go thru more juice. Maybe it just seems like it because the Revvo tank has a small capacity and needs filling more. I'd buy a kit for the Revvo that allows for more juice capacity if one was available, 3.6 ml don't' seem to go far in this tank, and the 2.0 ml must suck for those across the pond. The Revvo is the first tank of its kind, cant wait to see what this evolves into.

The Skystar Mod.
I expected this thing to be bigger than it is, maybe the short tank helps it to look smaller. It feels good in my hand due to it's rounded shape. This is my first dual battery mod, so I don't have any experience here to compare with other mods. I bought some LG HE2 batteries, believe they are 35A 2500mAh, and they sure don't seem to last long burning the Revvo coil at 82 watts. I installed my Atlantis Evo with 0.3 coil and bump the watts down to 72 watts and gives better battery life. Also, when vaping my Evo, I get a better flavor while using the Skystar compared to using my iPV D4 which makes me wonder if the mod itself makes my juice taste better concerning my Revvo vs Atlantis Evo comparison. The touch screen operates nicely, has all the settings I need to vape. I've seen other branded mods that have a puff counter which would have been nice on the Skystar. Also, the clock can be displayed in digital format, a 12/24 hour option would have been nice since I cant be bothered to convert 16:34 in my head to a 12 hour time that I recognize. All in all this is a very nice mod, has good looks, and will probably last me a long time since it was made by Aspire.

My first vaping accident.
So I had my Skystar Revvo in my jacket pocket. I was in my car, just pulled in my driveway and parked my car, proceed to check my text messages while sitting in my car. Then I could feel something making my leg warm. Checked my pants pocket and nothing is there, so I jumped out of my car and looked and saw nothing on the seat. I then proceed to check my jacket pocket and smoke is coming from it. On no, I thought Skystar is on fire, although it wasn't really on fire. Pulled it from my jacket pocket and it fell in the snow. Found it and picked it up and the Atlantis Evo glass was broken, more than likely from the heat. The mod must have gotten the fire button pressed in while in my pocket. So I get in the house and wipe the snow from the Skystar, and then wipe the water from it. The screen is blank, pressing fire button does nothing. Replace batteries and still nothing. Took out the batteries again and replaced them and it turned on. Had me worried that the water killed it but it works fine. I assume that the smoke coming from my pocket was the juice being burnt out of the coil. The drip tip on the Evo started melting so I know there was some heat being transferred there. I'm thinking maybe the default setting on Vape time should be set 5 seconds instead of 15 seconds. If the user needs more then can set it longer. I noticed my vape time is never been even 4 seconds so I adjusted the vape time down to minimum 5 seconds. I find it hard to believe the fire button was being activated while the mod was in my pocket because if you look at the mod it looks like the devs thought of that and there is a chrome trim around the button that should prevent this from happening. I will be turning my mod off from now on when leaving it in my pocket. Please Aspire, find some way to add a safety feature that prevents meltdown if the fire button is held in continuously, surely lowering the Vape time should do it but I'm not testing it.
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  • @rik Thank you for the honest feedback :)
  • Well after a month 0f using the SkyStar and Revvo I am really liking it. I didn't think I'd like the touch screen but it works great and is easy to navigate. The mod itself is a really well built product and looks like it will stand up well to everyday use, unlike some brands that the painted on finish wears off or chips off after a few months of use. I get all day and sometimes more out of the batteries which is better than my single battery mod that I went thru 3 batteries a day. I've even used the Revvo tank on my single battery mod and it performs well, just cannot go higher than 80 watts but that didn't bother me since my daily vape used to be Atlantis 0.3 ohm coils and using the Revvo at 70 to 80 watts was comparable to what the Atlantis coil does. The Revvo coil also works well down by 50 watts where I like to burn the Candy King juice in my cleito. This one Revvo coil does what all three cleito coils do, very versatile.

    What would have been nice, if aspire made the front cover removable like the battery cover, you know so you can change the color of the mod just by installing different cover plates. This idea might work good on future aspire mods as well.
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    I'm back for an update on my Skystar Revvo usage. I've been using it daily now for two months and still love it. I'm still vaping the same Wild Fire juice, 75-85 watts. Still no leaks from the tank. And it still looks as good as the day I took it out of the box.

    To the post above this one. I've never used the charging port. Battery charger bud. I think you can get a two slot Nitecore charger for about $10, thus saving wear and tear on your charging port. Speaking of worn out charging ports, I gotta tear apart my wife's Galaxy phone and replace the circuit board for her charging port, wish me luck.
  • I'm back. I'm still using my Skystar and Revvo tank daily, and love it. The mod and tank still look great after using it for one year. Good job Aspire on such a fine mod and tank.
  • Nice read there! Glad ya didn't start yourself on fire! Although I can't see the photos you tried to post. :D
  • I can see the pics, the four picture boxes look broken but the 4 links below the boxes display the images. I use firefox with google. Chrome displays the links too, as does chrome on my phone. Each browser seems to do something different. Firefox don't display the share buttons for some reason. I don't know how the other browsers work with the images. There is one picture of the retail box, another of the Skystar Revvo next to my D4/Atlantis Evo, one image of the broken glass still on the tank mounted on the Skystar (enlage to see the melted driptip), and one of the driptip close up.
  • @Chad_H Thanks for your long text review and the pictures (Firefox with links) !
    One thing all vapers should learn to do is switching off the mod (5 clicks) before putting it in their pocket or even anywhere else when not using it.
    And you can also completely shut down the Skystar with a few seconds fire when it is already locked.
    You know Aspire has already put a security on it with a 15sec maximum fire (possible to go lower to 5 sec.) but perhaps your movements in your car pushed and released the fire button many consecutive times ... hence the overheating.

  • Yea, it's a mistake I wont make again. I figured that when I parked my car and removed my seat belt, now the seat belt receiver was sticking up right where my jacket pocket was located, and the rest is history. After the accident I did lower the vape time but I do think the fire button was being pressed repeatedly. Later I went thru my jacket pocket and did find the broken glass in there so now I know that it didn't break in the snow. I had an extra driptip and glass for the Evo and put it back together and it works fine. Should have washed out the metal parts of the tank because even with a new coil and glass there was a lingering burnt tastes in it for about a dozen hits.
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    So I cleaned out the tank and the coil to try a different juice. This time I'm trying Worms by Candy King. It's a 70VG/30PG 6mg juice. I am very satisfied with this juice in the Revvo Tank. I don't like higher temp with this juice, 50 watts suits me well with the air flow wide open. Filling the Revvo tank with the Candy King bottle was simple and easy. I previously only used this juice in my Cleito which gave it a blah kind of taste, time to revisit my Cleito flavor issues. In the first post I said that my daily vape juice was wild fire, which should read wildfire, I corrected this because there is another juice spelled wild fire, sorry about the mixup.
  • @Chad_H
    Ok, I saw them....still glad you are ok!
  • Thank you for the detailed review.
    We always suggest locking the mod(5 clicks) before putting it in our pocket
  • I'm loving my Skystar mod. I've mostly been using it with a Cleito EXO tank because I was a little worried about leakage from the Revvo tank yeah, I know it has a cap that comes with it but, it needs to be black. That bright day-glo orange looks ridiculous & I'm not going to use it in public. As yet the only leakage I've encountered was when the tank & mod tipped over and didn't notice until I'd topped a 7,000 pass mountain pass. I have to blame myself for that one. I'm a truck driver which means that I'm frequently experiencing changes in elevation sometimes as much as 100ft below sea level or as high as over 10,000ft above sea level. The ONLY tank design that I will even consider is one that utilizes a top air flow.configuration. As far as I'm concerned any tank that has bottom air flow is inherently flawed by its design.
  • Could you please provide me the recommended Watt, Voltage and temperature settings? It seems like I can not quite fine tune my mod, it tends to overheat too fast. Aslo, what settings should I chose for TC and CPS?
  • @Chad_H Thank you for the kind suggestion
    I will pass your suggestion to our products development department
  • Has anyone else had the USB port shield come out of their Skystar?

    I'm fairly gentle with my mods and it sat still while it was charging through USB.
    But the metal shield around the connector just came out one day like it was barely attached.
    It still works with or without the shield, but it's tricky to get it to charge now. I can't see any shear points on the connector either.

    Other than this, it's been a great mod. Fits my big hands perfectly.
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    @Chad_H Thank you for the feedback
    Good luck :D
  • @Chad_H Thank you.
    Something new is on the way, please wait in patience.
  • @Tina Sweet, the Revvo Maxi tank? 30mm diameter to fit the Dynamo?
  • It will come here two hours later
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