Cleito 0,27 coils with fainting coat? Is that original quality?

Howdy folks,

I´d like to ask if this is normal? There is some kind of coat that was damaged by screwing the mouth piece onto the coil after only like 2 or 3 days of use. I could wipe away tiny splinters of this coat thingy.
I have used more then ten 0,27 coils so far, none of which had that problem.
Order was a regular amazon marketplace one, dealer seems to be alright at first glance, reputation wise (i know it can be rigged).
I can´t check the security code as it was totally torn when removing the big sticker. Of course that big sticker was glued over the code thing. -.-

Here are images of it:
coil top

No viruses in images!

Thanks for any hint and cheers!
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