Speeder mod usable 18650 battery question

What are the highest 18650 batteries can I use for the Speeder 200w mod? Is 18650 3500maH too much? and do the batteries have to be 20A max continuous or 10A max continuous?
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  • 3500mAh would never be too much but no battery at this capacity will make over 20A.
    At what power do you vape on your Speeder ?
    What battery at 3500 mAh did you have in mind ?
  • @Cegoca my vape ranges from 60-120w. and yeah, I can't find any 18650 3500maH batteries at 20A max continuous. Right now im using 2 samsung 25R 18650 2500maH. from a full charge to about 3.75v lasts me about a day in the 60-70 watt range for the A3 Athos coils or only half a day on the A5 Athos coils around 110-120w, i never let it discharge below 3.75v as i was told it would weaken the batteries overtime. So i'm looking for something that will last longer from full charge to 3.75v more than a day on A5 coils. Was looking into Efest 18650 3500 maH but it says 10A continuous and 20A max pulse...I've no idea what that means.
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    @subgeniusdrew Pulse is kind of like when you vape, 5 seconds draw then 10 seconds rest, the problem is, it is not a standard, so it does not mean much.
    How can you tell exactly when you are at 3,75V ?
    The real lifetime sparing limit is at 3,0 V, that is when the speeder shuts on "low battery".
    Avoid Effest, they are rebranded and rewrapped, you never know what's really under it.
    I would say the Sony VTC5A if you vape up to 120W.
    Check Mooch's battery ratings here
  • @Cegoca I see, was thinking about the LG HG2. I can usually tell when it's around 3.75v when the battery icons on the display are near it's halfway mark, when i plug it in to charge, i like that feature that shows how long it's been charging for. I only charge it for about 5 min via USB mostly because i'm afraid of it venting, then a little bit later on i'll take out the batteries and charge them through the battery charger to full
  • You are making yourself a hard time for nothing.
    Those batteries are made to charge up to 4.2V but will rapidly drop to 4.0V to then drop in a linear way.
    As I said above, you can go down to their acceptable limit at 3.0V; so you will gain a lot in autonomy.
    I really don't see why you stop at 3.75V, you are missing the best part (actually half the battery capacity).

    No need to be afraid about them venting too but avoid interrupting them charging like you do.

    Also, choose your battery provider carefully (lots of fakes or crazy label) and search the internet for tests (again : Mooch !)
  • @Cegoca AH ok, cool, and yeah, I gotta shop around for the batteries, I saw a vid on batteries by riptrippers, he mentioned mooch, also, rip loves to use the LG HG2 batteries. Now I know that there are certain ''classes'' for batteries for different vaping wattages. I'm going keep getting the A3 coils for the 60-75w range perfect for the LG HG2 3000maH 20A. I was wondering now, though, would I have to switch from LG HG2 batteries to lower maH 25A batteries to get optimal performance from the A5 coils in the 100-120w range?
  • Lets take the extreem case : If you need up to 120W and will go down as far as 3.0 Volt on your batteries, you will need 20 A from them. Can them give you that ? Mooch says it's their maximum.
    If you only go down to 3.2 Volt, you will need 18.75 A to reach 120 W.
    The Sony VTC5A are a bit safer as you can go a bit higher in power but have also less authonomy.
  • @Cegoca know any recommended sites to get them?
  • Oops ... I order mine in the Netherlands but they do not ship to the U.S.
    Perhaps someone like @charlzrocks or another american on the forum can help you ?
  • Cegoca said:

    Oops ... I order mine in the Netherlands but they do not ship to the U.S.
    Perhaps someone like @charlzrocks or another american on the forum can help you ?

    I use the Aspire 1800 batterys on mine. You can get them at many retailers!
  • hmm i'll check out the aspire batteries, I do like matching brands with their own stuff
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