New Aspire Breeze, mo problems: coils, battery, other

Hi all
Despite my discussion below about battery issues with the Breeze, the few short months it worked were great. No more smoking cigarettes! I live chatted with an Aspire helpdesk lady who helpfully informed me that I had to send my defective unit to China (yeah, right) so what the heck, they only cost tens of bucks.'

The new one is just starting to have battery issues. Next time, I won't be buying Breeze. But also:

1. The coils only seem to last a few days. I am a heavy vaper, and can happily pass an hour or so TV watching and vaping. But with this usage I get maybe 2 days out of my OFFICIAL breeze coils. I assume this not to be normal; and
2. Even with a new coil, I sometimes get the burning taste right out of the pack.

I assume that neither of these is normal? As I said, I won't be buying Breeze again; a false economy. Shame as so far it's the closet thing to smoking actual cigarettes I've tried.
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