I cannot useTCC option TC SS, TC TI , TC NI

I have zelos mod 50 watt it’s come with 2 coils 0.7 ohm 18 up to 23 watt and 1,8 ohm 10 to 14 watt i just can use watt optionand volt option
TC SS it can burn the coils fast i try it , also TC TI, , TC NI ,

I can only use watt and voltage option and baybass only

I wan to try another option like TC ss an tc Ni

But coils cannot work with it it will be burned fast ! So I’m asking please why aspire company added this option to the mod with coils cannot run this option ? I bought this kit to use all options in in it and finally i just can use watt and voltage , baybass ...etc ! Soplease help me how can i use it with this coils ! The seller support team on twitter told me you need another coils but i think it will make my battery drain fast !
I read the user manual as i see this coils able to work with this option I told you a bove , and in the truth it wirks only for 3 option! I f I know this will happen i Will never buy it ! So help me please to use my device with all options according the manual.

Sorry for my bad English I
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  • The TC (for Temperature Control) options can only function with specific resistances that have their coils made from a well defined metal.
    To use the TC SS option, you need Stainless Steel coils.
    To use TC Ti you need Titanium coils.
    To use TC Ni you need Nickel coils.
    The TTC mode is only for experienced TC users, it allows to change the metal specifications.
    All these coils cannot function in TC mode, except the SS ones.

    The two coils you got with the Zelos kit are in kanthal and can only be used in Wattage (the most used by vapers nowadays) or Voltage mode, but not in TC mode.

    Only the Triton mini Nickel coils are compatible with your Nautilus 2 from your Zelos kit.

    So, these TC options are only to be used on the Zelos with another clearomizer that has those coils, like the Cleito and its SS resistances, for example.

    So unless you already are a big TC fan, you should stick to the easy Power mode with kanthal coils.
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