Just tried to buy a Gusto Mini. UGH!

After a few weeks of mulling over which vape I should buy for my 1st vape, I decided to go for the gusto mini.

I called halo as well as element.

The halo pods do not contain nic salt and as far as element goes. 1- they only sell wholesale and they only sell to shops in the UK.

I'm a complete noob so for all I know the halo pods may sort me out, but I'm a 2(sometimes 2.5) pack a day guy and figured the element version with nic salt would be the one to get me off the smokes.

I know there are allegedly ways around the halo/non nic salt situation but after all the youtube reviews of the element(by US vapers) I was pretty stoked to buy one.

Even worse is the UK sites wont sell to US residents/customers.

I just needed to vent for a couple minutes. Sorry if I sound like a noob that's whining over something silly.

Thanks for listening.
I apologize if I posted in the wrong section.
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  • @XavierV The gusto mini is a special product ,we don't sell it.
    All customers' requirement need refer to element and halo
    here is a suggestion for you
    You can talk to element,and ask for some retailer information of theirs
  • @tina Thank's for the reply. I already asked element if any of their uk retailers ship to the US and got the usual "dealer agreement" + "customs won't..." etc. but i contact some retailers myself.

    I have 2 questions I'm hoping you can answer.

    1 - i recall another thread where a forum member asked about products waiting to be released and you told them to please be patient until the end of October/early November.
    *I do understand that you cannot give me any factual insider info, but if you are allowed to give "hints" then my question is : Will aspire release any new products before the end of November?*

    2 - could you recommend an authorised dealer in UK? I'm not asking for the name of a dealer that will sell to me as I know you cannot answer that question on their behalf. I just want to know who is legit so I can call them myself.

    If you have a moment to answer these 2 questions it would be very helpful and appreciated.
  • @XavierV Yes, We will have a very great product to be released.after testing for several months, We are now preparing for a large stock, then customers can get the new product soon after it is released.So I don't have the exact release date at present, Maybe the end of this month or the beginning of next month.
    Here is our authorized distributors or vendors information in UK
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