Coil quality is in need of serious attention

I own Nautilus, Triton II, two Plato, and five K1. I only use 1.8 ohms. I check authenticity no matter who the source is when I buy new coils. My current main device is Plato (thus owning two for different flavors). I'm not exactly happy with the quality control of coils. Out of a box of 5, I expect AT LEAST one coil to be bad. Triton coils are more expensive, so I stopped using Triton for that reason. Plato is a mess to change coils, and I'm really unhappy about it. Both Plato and Nautilus spit when the the coil quality is subpar. Plato leaks big time. When I bought the second Plato, I even suspected a bad cartridge when I had two consecutive bad coils that spit & leak, so I ordered new cartridges to rule it out. While waiting for a new cartridge to arrive, I installed a third one, and it worked perfectly as intended. When the Nautilus coil is good, my Platos give me zero spitbacks or leakage, and it lasts a long time. I've learned NOT to fill the tank much to test the coil, in case the coil is bad.

My husband is a total K1 lover, and he's not a chain vaper like I am. He doesn't seem to mind changing the coil since K1 doesn't require draining, but I absolutely hate changing Plato coils to find out I ended up with another bad coil that constantly spits and leaks. I'm in love with my Plato. Maybe other manufacturers are even more inconsistent with the coil quality, but I believe Aspire can do better. I don't mind it if the resistance reads 2.1 ohms as long as it works well. I beg Aspire to take this issue seriously.
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  • Where are you buying coils? I bought some from ebay and what you posted describes the coils I got from there. Now I only order from aspire because those local vape shops might also be selling fake coils too.
  • Always check the Aspire authentication scratch off on the box of coils. If you are getting them from your local B&M store and they can't provide a box with your coils, then it's time to look elsewhere!
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