I have recently bought for my nautilus new 5 pack atomizer head, since 1 year I am using BVC heads, unfortunately with my last order shop sent me BDC heads even if I ordered BVC. Since 5 days I am trying to use BDC but I can't avoid burnt taste. I have 1.8ohm and I hav eto be able to use it till 5.0V. After installing new BDC head I waited for long time for absorbing the liquid. Now I use it with 9.0 watt 4.05 V but I still feel burnt taste. I controlled product security number and it is original. I am trying to use it with 7-8 watt but i don't feel anything is so low. Please tell me how to use this BDC heads and avoid burnt taste. My cig is Wismec TC Presa 100W and tank is aspire nautilus. Thanks for answers.
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