Aspire PockeX charging issue

Hi there. I've been having my PockeX for less than two months, and the last two days I've ran into an issue. The device won't charge no matter what out of a sudden. Initially, the charging LED stayed green (even though the device was fully discharged) but after many attempts, now it's red but doesn't actually charge - battery is cold, left it for more than 3 hours yet the battery button blinks orange. I've tried every other available charging option - PC with the provided USB cable, wall units from 500 to 1000 mA, other computers with different cables etc.- but the device is still dead. Has anyone encountered this issue? Thank you.
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  • You have it for less than two months ? Return it while it is still under warranty !
  • @Cegoca I am in talks with the retailer about this. Unfortunately, since I bought it on a store about 200 km away, the postage just to return it to sender and the possibility that it might not be replaceable (the product has some small scratches here and there) is something that might cost me as much as the vape itself, and then I'm going to have to buy a new one too.. So, I'd first like to exhaust the possibility of bringing it back to life, and unless the retailer can replace it for free/a small price, it's not worth using the warranty and I'll be better off buying a new one (I got it for 28 Euros plus shipping)
  • The return postage under warranty is supposed to be on the sellers charge, no ?
    Have you checked if the usb port is clean ?
  • @Cegoca Yes, but I just checked again...and there seems to be some kind of condensation. I can't quite smell it because it's droplets, but it has the consistency of juice. But how could juice have gotten there?
  • I doubt the juice comes all the way down from the ato, just screw it off and check if the base is clean.
    And for the usb port, just clean it with some alcohol and let it dry.
    Hope this solves your problem.
  • @Cegoca Thank you for your time. I cleaned the base/center pin often, so I doubt it too, but I also took care not to let liquid come into contact with the USB. Sorry ,for the dumb question (it's gonna be the last one, I promise) but how do you suggest cleaning it? Do I pour a few drops in the port or should I use an alcohol-damped piece of paper?
  • No problem about your questions, this is why this forum is for ;)
    I would suggest a Q-tip or a pipe cleaner with a little alcohol.
    Or perhaps the small brush to clean your electric shaver too ?
  • Did you find a solution to this? I starting having this issue this morning
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