Invoice number 80133-1507770259

Hi There,
I purchased a clearomizer on the 11th October through Paypal, which has gone through. I have yet to receive an invoice or delivery dates, tracking or any other form of purchase.
Can you let me know when to expect my item?
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  • Invoice No. 201451345
    We updated the tracking number ,and sent the email to you . And customer can check their orders after login .Now pls check the order here ,
    Tracking number : LW977692585CN
    Check website:;

    And this is the last tracking information ,
    2017-10-19 19:31 ISC NEW YORK NY(USPS), Processed Through Facility, Your item has been processed through our facility in ISC NEW YORK NY(USPS) at 7:31 pm on October 19, 2017.
    2017-10-13 10:51 Origin Post is Preparing Shipment
    2017-10-13 10:51 CHINA, SHENZHEN EMS, Processed Through Facility
    2017-10-12 19:39 CHINA, Acceptance

    Best Regards !
  • Thanks for the reply Demi,
    I have not received an email from you by the way. I will let you know when the product arrives,
  • Still haven't received anything as yet, its been well over 2 weeks. I would like a refund now, thank you.
    Can you explain the refund process please,
  • @Jason
    Usually it takes 8-20 workdays .Now we do not refund because we can not make the package back after the order was shipped out . pls kindly wait for some time . We will follow it until customer got it .
    Have a nice day ~
  • Hi Demi,
    Its been 16 workdays now and I still haven't received anything. Please let me know what is happening, before I contact Paypal and ask for a refund,
  • Just arrived, Thank you
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