Atlantis warnings?

I don't know if Aspire will be shipping the Atlantis tanks and coils with warning cards or stickers, but I really think this is a must to protect less knowledgeable buyers.

Subohming on a incapable battery can lead to thermal runaway, alternatively if the device is protected it simply will not work...
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  • I actually bought a bottle of 0mg nicotine to test with this tank. I knew it I was going to be hitting it hard and heavy to try all the possibilities. I have to say, that was one of my smartest ideas I've had in a LONG time.

    Now that I've settled into it's particularities, I moved up to a 3mg nicotine flavor. Not sure if I want to go any higher.
  • I would never vape anything higher than 3mg on this tank, good point.
  • It's all dependent of the user. I actually met someone who drips 24mg, and chain capes :shock:

    Heck, I started at 36mg in my tanks (was a 2 pack a day analog smoker). But my goal was to reduce my nicotine intake as fast as possible. Unfortunately, I've always had an issue with vaping doesn't completely satisfy my cravings. So I still have an analog occasionally. I believe that I'm craving the other alkaloids that are in tobacco.

    I did try a juice that has the other alkaloids (Whole Tobacco Alkaloid juice, aka WTA juice), and it really made a difference. But it's so darn expensive :( plus shipping. Even though they make it about 20 miles from my house, they won't allow me to swing by and just pick it up to avoid the shipping charges. :evil:
  • Yea, but there is still plenty of people out there that don't know it would be a good idea to drop their nicotine strength when moving to the Atlantis from more standard/simple tanks.
  • I'd say that 6mg nicotine is the max on the Atlantis (MAYBE 12mg if you were a heavy smoker). I vape at 3mg nic on the atlantis at 30 watts and I'm very happy.
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