Nautilus 2 - Some Suggestions :-)

Hello! I use my Nautilus 2 daily, it's the only thing that helped me stop dual using cigarettes and vaping. After a couple of months of use I have a few suggestions to make about how to make this already good tank even better, based on the few little issues I've had.

1.) Top Fill - I feel the Nautilus would really benefit from having a different fill method, the current method is a little inconvenient to do when out and about, risks knocking the glass and also, leading to my next point, often unscrewing the top cap leads to the coil becoming dislodged.
2.) Some kind of locking for the coil - As mentioned in the first point. Often, no matter how tightly I screw in the coil (Believe me I do it firmly, I usually use pliers) the coil sticks to the top cap. This isn't such an issue if the tank is empty, but for me I tend to want to fill a half full tank before I go out, to avoid running out. It'd be good if there was something other than the top cap screwed onto the top of the coil to hold it in place, this could then also double as a top fill cap.
3.) Some kind of grip on the bottom section of the tank - Sometimes it can be hard to get a grip firmly enough to unscrew the tank because it's all smooth, something just a little rugged, perhaps a few notches to give you that little bit of grip, would really help in that.

Those three points are the only things I feel that stop this tank from being the perfect mouth to lung vaping tank. I love the air flow, I love the flavour it produces and I personally love the design of the tank. I hope one day to see the Nautilus 3, which if it rectified those issues would I am sure be the go-to Stock coil Mouth to lung vaping tank.

I would also like to see a bigger than 2ml capacity but that would alienate the EU market and I just don't think that's advisable.

Thank you

- Doc
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  • Hello Doc
    Thank you for support aspire and the kind suggestion
    I will pass you kind suggestion to our products development department
    Yes,Because of TPD,the capacity of the tank can not exceed 2ml
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