Aspire Speeder mod Firmware V01

Users can revert the firmware to V01(the original firmware),in the case you don't like the new firmware in future or you want to reset the speeder mod
You can download the firmware here
Aspire Speeder firmware
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  • Ok. Has updated, works.
    I would like to see the instruction and description of work with the logo.
    And the program interface looks raw, you need to refine it.
    Aspire usually pays much attention to design.

    We are waiting for the version of V02 :) You can send me a preliminary version, I think someone else will agree to closed beta testing.
    1200 x 866 - 241K
    404 x 441 - 33K
  • Please make new firmware version for Speeder to include auto/fixed screen rotation and screen brightness settings, as you did for Archon and NX75.
  • please add a puff counter in update the speeder is a great mod but do miss puff counter
  • Hello All
    Thank you for the kind suggestion
    I will pass your kind suggestion to our products development department
  • I'm a bit late to this thread, so I hope I'm not too late to pass on a couple of suggestions. Both of my requests are actually related, but #2 covers more ground…let’s just say it’s the Cadillac request while the first one is more of a stripped down compact car, but also needed if you guys can’t swing #2 just yet. I've had my Speeder for a little over a month and love it, had some hiccups, but overall I'm pleased with my purchase.

    Suggestion #1: I’m 98% sure this isn’t possible yet because I can’t find any info on how to do it. Please add a way to go back to review the display screen of the last vape taken (if it's possible to store a few, even better). We've really gotten into some of the other modes more lately (particularly TC) and we've come to realize we need to be able to see the display screen while vaping, but we can't! We've tried taking videos and even when we ask each other to watch for the numbers, they change so fast and they're hard to see.

    Suggestion #2: This could also cover the first one...could you guys come up with an app that we could install on our phones or computers that we could use to get a live readout of the changes in amps, temperature, watts, ohms, etc. while vaping? Said app would also allow us to store the data of previous vapes in the app, if we so choose. Being able to save that data would give us the ability to learn how the Speeder is performing with each vape and then be able to make the proper adjustments to the various settings. It would also give us the option to take notes on specific vapes when things go wrong, we'd also have the data saved and then we can more effectively troubleshoot when the need arises.

    I think #2 would be awesome and really helpful, but if it gets shot down, could we at the very least get #1 in the next upgrade? I know you can’t answer that right now, but you have my two suggestions/requests. I also agree with about a puff counter, would be nice to have.

  • @idclaire26 , thank you for support aspire,and thank you so much for the kind suggestion
    I will pass your kind suggestion to our products development department
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