My Aspire breeze not working

My aspire breeze is full charged. I fire the device and the orange and blue light are both on. After a few seconds of firing the blue light fades away slowly and then the orange light shuts off. If I continue holding the firing button after the lights fade away the orange and blue light flashes 2 or 3 then stops completely. If I try to fire again the blue light indicates firing for a second and shuts off with no real feed back from the indicator. I need a help, I'm newbe, around almost 3 weeks of using this aspire and not working
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  • Mine just started doing this as well. The device will be fully charged, then i get maybe half a dozen puffs out of it, then all of a sudden the light will fade out, then blink pink 2 times. once that happens it just stops firing and you cannot vape it. I have changed the coils twice, and cleaned the thing out from top to bottom, and nothing works. I sent an email to Aspire as my device is only 1 month old, and i have yet to hear back. basically i got annoyed with their customer service, so i just ordered a SMOK procolor and when that shows up on saturday, this aspire breeze is going in the trash.
  • Dear all
    If any question about aspire products that you can not get a reply here ,please feel free to contact our service
  • Same issue. Emailed customer service. Let’s see.
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