New resistance coil for PockeX is coming

After Aspire PockeX being released to the market, we received many likes, we also received some requirement for high resistance coil
here it is:The PockeX employs U-tech coils, a 0.6ohm for advanced flavor and vapor production, the 1.2 ohm coil specifically designed to work perfectly with high nicotine ejuice.

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  • I Just received my new 1.2ohm coils, currently vaping a 6mg 50/50 juice. These coils have made my Pockex so much more comfortable to use! They produce as much vapour as the 0.6 coils and the same flavour. The biggest change is the heat produced, these coils produce less than half the heat at the drip tip compared to the 0.6 version, i can chain vape the pockex now without the excessive heat. I can honestly say that these coils have made the Pockex a more comfortable and beginner friendly device. i wouldn't hesitate to recommend these coils to anyone who owns or wants to buy a Pockex... a brilliant and much needed alternative to the sub ohm coil. The other upside is less juice consumption and longer battery life.. Thanks Aspire for these from now on i'll only be buying the 1.2 ohm coils for my 2 pockex's
  • This is great news, so glad Aspire have launched this coil. Any idea when they'll be available in the UK?
  • @Upstart the new resistance coil is still under TPD registration, please wait in patience, when it is available in UK, we will let everyone know
  • Thanks for the info Tina, looking forward to the release :)
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    Will the PockeX coils work with the Nautilus X tank? Looks kind of like the same design coil to me.
  • @Chad_H The Pockex coil can be used on the Nautilus X,but the Nautilus X coil can not be used on the Pockex, As the output wattage is not enough to support the coils from the Nautilus x
  • What is the wattage range for the 1.2 coils?
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    @Stefdar the wattage rang for PockeX is about 8-12W
  • You didn't understand me.
    The 0.6 coils for PockeX have the wattage range printed on them, (18-23 W).
    The new 1.2 ones don't have the wattage range printed on them, so I am asking what is the wattage range for the new 1.2 PockeX coils, since I want to use them with Nautilus X and a mod. Thanks in advance
  • @Stefdar What I understand from Tina's answer is that those 1.2 Ohm coils must be used in a range of 8 to 12W.
    Why don't you try at 8W and increase the power gradually (but not over 12W) till you find a comfortable vape ?
  • 8-12 watts is too low for a 1.2 ohm coil...
  • Have you tried it yet ?
    Don't forget those coils have a particular build (U-tech coils).
  • Yes I did, and they start to operate correctly over 12 watts for sure. Unfortunately they are the only ones without wattage signing out of all Aspire coils.
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    So, at what power are you vaping on it now ?
    Stefdar said:

    Unfortunately they are the only ones without wattage signing out of all Aspire coils.

    That should indeed be corrected by Aspire !

  • @Stefdar we don't suggest users to use the new 1.2ohm coil in Nautilus X for common e-juice.As we explained ,The 1.2 ohm coil specifically designed for the requirement for high nicotine ejuice or Nicotine salt e-juice to slow down to troat heat

  • Well that's too bad as I am vaping it on a Nautilus X at 15 watts and it's the most perfect coil for it!
  • @Tina

    I know in the past you said that CF battery is best used with a 50 watt coil. But you also said that the CF battery can use a .3 to 1.0 ohm coil. So I was wondering if this new pockex .6 ohm coil can be used in a Nautilus X with the CF battery with no problems.
  • Glad you like the new coils! I have been using the 0.6ohms since I got my Pockex and will have to try the new 1.2ohm coils as I am a MTL vaper. Thanks for the review! =D>
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    @charlzrocks Just a quick update, the 1.2ohm coils work really well with 70/30 vg/pg juices as well. I was expecting a dry hit after chain vaping the thicker juice but the new coil handled it with no problems, Also no increase in heat.. still a cooler vape than the 0.6 coils.
  • Sounds great! I usually gape 50/50 blends, but it's good to know that the higher VG will vape as good too!
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