Breeze flashing orange after changing juice

Hey I got this today. They set it up in store and I have run out of juice so I refilled it. Since then it will flash orange many times any time I try to vape. The battery is charged and was at a blue light before changing the juice. Any ideasp?
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  • I don't want to be rediculous, but. Have you tried to charge it again? Are both the blue and orange light on when you charge it? Does the indicator lamp flash as soon as you hit the firing button, or does it display one of the three color sets then flash out?
  • Blue light means it needs charging; I've found the lights to be unreliable. Just plug it in and wait for the lights to go out then leave it charging for at least another 30 mins. I have my own woes with the Breeze battery which I've posted about below.
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