Aspire New verification system

Fake sports shoes, fake designer bags fake DVDs, fake perfume …. It seems that these days we are surrounded by fakes. Now some will say “well, I didn’t pay the full price so I don’t care…”. Not quite the attitude that discourages fakes really.

However. with so many fakes around in the market now it gets a bit frustrating for those of us who really do want the best and original quality which we don’t mind paying for because, … well because it’s the best!

So here at Aspire we’re taking yet another step to assure our customers that they are getting the ‘real deal’ for their hard earned money.

“So what are you doing?’ we hear you ask, “you already have the ‘scratch code’ labels on all your products”

We are now introducing an entirely new anti-counterfeit, scratch and check label with a QR code and a hologram for extra security.

How does it work? First you’ll notice the holographic panel with the word GENUINE, as you tilt the label you’ll see the size of the letters becoming either bigger or smaller depending on the viewing angle.

You’ll also notice a QR code. You can scan this to take you directly to our website to enable to check the code once you’ve scratched of the panel to reveal the code. If you are unable to scan the QR code you can still go to, to check the code.

These new labels will start to be used on our next new product release, but in the meantime of course any existing products in circulation still carry the old style labels. You can see the difference below.

You’ll also see on our website that we are carrying both versions of the labels to enable you to check your purchase.

So here at Aspire, we’re doing more and more to assure our customers of only the best quality products.
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