NX75 Problem - shows continously charging


I have bought my NX75 a month ago and love it, but today it has started to show some problems.

It was on the charger (1A phone charger which I use and never had problem with it) and when I disconnected recognized the battery did not charge any.

But the most weird is that the device showing it's still charging despite of that not connected to the charger! (check my attached picture)

I tried with other battery but this is the same, it's nonstop showing it's charging.

I tried to clean the device, also tried different cable, charger and updated to firmware to the latest v7(that was on v2), but nothing helped.

I tried to remove the battery and plug again, but still the same.

Any idea how can I fix it? Seems it's charging my second battery but I am unsure it's charged or not as the charging icon is moving continuously.

Please advise guys.

Thank you
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