Aspire Speeder and Athos Tank. Fully loaded.

I had a chance to do an Aspire Speeder vape mod review as well as a vape tank review of the new Athos tank. We must remember that it is Aspire that really revolutionized vaping with their game-changing tanks.

The Speeder mod is fully loaded and can accommodate all of the trending vaping styles. Another thing that I really like is the ability to create a unique, custom firing profile. Many new mods are not including the custom fire feature and I am glad to see Aspire doing it because it is awesome. Especially for someone like me who loves a hard initial hit that quickly mellows out.

The Athos tank really delivers. The competition in the vape tank niche is intense but Aspire still does airflow better than anyone. I love an airy, effortless draw. Great flavor.
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