Why don't aspire return e-mails, I have e-mailed them the day I ordered and several times after, it has been 7 days now and still have not received any responses back, all I wanted them to do was switch my order from the 1.6 ohm to the 1.8 ohm nautilus mini coils, I don't get it, why buy from them, communication terrible!!!!
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  • @puzzled if any problem with the orders from aspire online store,customers can feel free to contact aspire online store support
    Please pm me the email address that you used to contact our online store support and the order number
    I will check with our online store support if they received your emails
  • getting a little fed up with this ems tracking bull_ _ _ _!!!, I don't read japanese, or chinese writing or what ever, when I click the verification #, all I want to know is my order shipped
  • @puzzled @Tina where in the heck is my order, tracking # has no info, take my money and don't ship, 9 days and counting nothing on tracking
  • @puzzled After checking with our online store support,the parcel has arrived at your country,you will get the parcel soon,please way in patience.
  • @Tina okay my e-mails just got ignored, I e-mailed 5 minutes after I ordered, because I realized the mistake
  • @puzzled our online store support checked her inbox, she only received the emails on 14th September at present, however, they shipped out the parcel on 9th September.
    We can not do the switch for you.

    For more detailed information,our online store support will email you.
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