Plato-----So happy I'm freaking out

Just bought Plato in pretty lavender, and I couldn't be happier. I'm a chain vaper, and I got tired of charging and filling, so I decided to bite the bullet and bought Kanger Cupti first. WRONG. I couldn't get it to stop gurgling and spitting, and it was returned the following week. I was traumatized by the hot liquid, so I hesitated to try another.

I've been using Aspire K1 with 1.8 forever. I don't handle changes very easily. One of my K1 is more than 2 years old, and it's still perfect. I still love it with an eGo pen to slip into a skinny wristlet. I saved the driptip from a broken K1 to use with Plato, for the familiarity. Perfect. I'm so happy I could cry!

I didn't close the airflow when I filled Plato, so it dripped big time. BUT now it seems to be working perfectly with 80 PG. With the airflow almost closed and at 12W, it's pretty darn close to my beloved K1. There is still a slight wetness around the airflow which I'm not sure if it's condensation or leakage of runny high PG on a hot day. Day 1 so far is very very good! I'm not sure how long the coil lasts at the rate I'm vaping----changing the coil is a pain with Plato. I wish the window were wider for easier view although it sacrifices the appearance, but I can easily take the cover off.

My husband has used Kangertech stuff, and we both deemed it NG. I might still try ultracompact devices, but we're pretty much set with Aspire.
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