Hi, for some reason I was using my hookah attached with the aspire proetus and was chain vaping it. All of a sudden a loud pop sound appeared followed by a very bad burning smell i thought it had exploded or something but something defiantly was wrong I'm not sure if it was the coil of battery ? I was also out of e liquid in the tank, I refilled it and I was a still getting a burnt taste and a burning smell from the tank I don't know if I had damaged the battery or if I burnt out the coil
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  • You burnt the coil and most likely fried it and should replace the coil before attempting to vape any further with it. Also, check the batteries for leakage as well. But it is most certainly the coil that needs replacement. NEVER let the tank run dry, once you do and you burn the cotton, it will always taste burnt till you change the coil and e-liquid.
  • yeah like it was a loud pop so I checked the mod and had seen that I ran out of e liquid but then there was this very bad burnt smell coming out from the mod so I refilled the tank and starting vaping it again but it gave out a bad burnt dry hit. So you're telling me it was most likely the coil as I didn't have e liquid in there ?
  • How do I check the battery for any leakage ???
  • Just open the battery compartment...if there is moisture on the batteries then there is most likely leakage/venting of the batteries. They should be disposed of properly and replaced. It sounds more likely to be your coil though. I would also dispose of the eliquid that you refilled into the bad coil as it may also be tainted and continue to give off a bad taste even after you replaced the coil. If you burn a coil always dispose of the coil and the eliquid at the same time.
  • Thank you & yeah it's most Likley to be the coil because once I re filled it the mod seemed to be operating fine it was just the the burnt flavour giving off of it...
  • Glad to be of service. Good Luck!
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