(Giveaway)Aspire Speeder kit giveaway

Aspire Speeder kit contains Aspire Speeder mod and Athos tank

Aspire Speeder mod features:
Maximum 200W output
Firmware upgradeable
Automatic display adjustment
31mm diameter, compatible with most tanks without overhang
intelligent balance charging, While charging, the screen will show each battery cell's voltage, what's more, the screen will show the charging current and charging time, then you will know how long will it takes to charge your battery cells

Aspire Athos tank features:
A3 Tri-coil head and Penta-coil,
made for flavor, made for power

Thank you for support aspire forum, here we give away a Speeder kit and a Rainbow Athos tank, two winners will be selected, one wins Rainbow Athos tank, one wins speeder kit

How to enter this activity?
Very simple, just Click below links to the products' page and leave your comment for the products under this post :
Aspire Speeder kit
Aspire Athos tank

Winners will be selected on 3rd August,2017(Beijing Time)
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    Potential game changer of the year!

    I've been looking around a mod that can accommodate two 18650 batteries yet can still keep the mod small and compact. Just by knowing the dimension and seeing the product by watching videos of it, I could tell that it would fit great in the hand. The shape of the body, that rounded edges looks comfortable in held. 10/10 for the size!

    I would say 200w is enough for this mod to be a beast plus add that TCR modes ohh that's awesomeness!

    The real game changer about this mode would be the rotating screen and the CPS (Customizable Power Setting). We all know the struggle of rotating the mod itself just to properly look at the user interface of a device and aspire solved this problem by allowing the screen to rotate freely depending on how you hold the mod. The CPS is for me a big big plus! It sounds like a killer for the pre-heat function. I prefer CPS than Pre-heat because CPS allows you to set your preferred wattage or temp on each specific second ranging from 1 to 10 which of course run up to 10 second unlike pre-heat it only allows you to set your wattage once that runs depending how long you want the ramp up time. The CPS will allow you to let the power up or down(depends on your setting) anytime in between 10 seconds of firing the mod. Wooh that's amazing!

    I just hope that they have centered the 510 connector and of course this is subjective because some people prefer to have the 510 pin not in the middle yet for me I think it's best to place that 510 connector at the center since the design of the mod, everything looks centered. Overall everything is great about this mod. Thumbs up!

    The Athos Tank looks really nice and it looks like a shape of a bullet which adds up to it's good looking shape. For me I like the rainbow and grey color. The gray one would fit best for the Speeder color gray. Both products looks matchy matchy! :)

    I hope Aspire would also include an RBA deck for the Athos Tank and that would make it more better than the other tanks out there. Overall this tank is really nice to pair with the Speeder 200w.

    I've been waiting for this two products to be available here in the Philippines and up until to this date I haven't found anywhere to buy here. Looking forward to use this products! :)
  • hello everyone,
    Thank you for support aspire.Here are the winners
    Congratulations to @midnightwolf, you win our speeder kit
    Congratulations to @askJPB,you win our Athos tank
    Please PM me your detailed shipping information(address, contact number,contact number,zip code)

    Thank you again for the support
  • Oh wow TY. PM Sent. Looking forward to trying this out. Hopefully it will make it easier in the pocket than with my current mods.
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    Tina said:

    hello everyone,
    Thank you for support aspire.Here are the winners
    Congratulations to @midnightwolf, you win our speeder kit
    Congratulations to @askJPB,you win our Athos tank
    Please PM me your detailed shipping information(address, contact number,contact number,zip code)

    Thank you again for the support


    Yey! I've already sent a message to @Tina. I would like to send you a big thank you Aspire! I'm so happy that I will get the Athos Tank and excited to find out what color I would receive.

    Congratulations to @midnightwolf for winning the Speeder Kit!

    You guys are amazing! Can I share this on Facebook? Thank you. :)
  • just give me that to change the burnt taste nautilus 2 keeps giving me..
  • The speeder is one of the best looking mods out right now. Entering to win that bad boi.
  • Been using Aspire since day one. Started with Clearomizer. Then Nautulis. Would love to try something different without the big investment. Winning the Speeder kit would allow me to do so. I have been struggling with Nautilus coils burning out in two days if the 50/50 juice is not light enough, not too sweet, light flavoring, nothing over 3.3 watts, and the tank temp just right. This has become very costly lately. Normally I use a pack of 5 coils over a month. Lately this hasn't been the case. The usual juice I use has developed issues with consistency. Thus I am struggling to find a new flavor that I like and the coils could tolerate. The last two weeks have so far cost me 9 coils and several bottles of wasted juice. I want a kit that can handle different juices with ease. And the BVC systems are messy to refill if you don't have cotton swabs and tissues at the ready. My recent juice/coil issue is what brought me here today. I was looking for answers for the coils buring out so quickly after years without issue. Thank you. Cheers
  • The Aspire Speeder kit looks great. Aspire all the way for me. No doubt the Speeder will be a hit, it looks super sexy and has the Aspire name on it. Keep up the good work Aspire, been seeing a lot of good products coming from you lately. Too bad there isn't a multi-colored Speeder mod to go along with that multi-colored Athos tank.
  • When it comes to elegance, Aspire has it made with the new Speeder Kit. The mod has a sleek rounded design that looks comfortable to hold and pleasing to look at. The battery installation looks effortless. I love how the display is utilized to tell us as much information as possible about what the mod is doing. Not many mods on the market tell you how much battery life is left in your individual cells but this one does. This will help you to determine battery issues like one cell discharging faster and will allow you replace it before something bad happens. I also like that when charging via USB that it displays both cells instead of just the total charge of the device. This will also let you know if one battery is charging faster than the other which is usually only available on external charging. The screen also moves with you so you can't hold it the wrong way. I am glad that Aspire has chosen to be one of the few companies to give us so many mode options. A lot of companies only give us Wattage and TC modes. You were generous and gave us 6 different types of modes to use. The CPS mode looks like a game changer. I have one mod that allows me to preheat lower than the Wattage but then it hits normally and kills the experience. Being able to customize how it ramps up and down the Wattage is an interesting solution to the common preheat problems and hopefully it has more function than gimmick. Also, Aspire is one of the only companies that gives us a Bypass mode to allow our mod to be a safer mech mod. With this being a series type mod, I would sure love to be able to try it. The QR code is an excellent idea. Being on the mod itself should help plenty of vapers since a lot of us skim the book, throw the box in the corner and forget about it. I find that it should be most helpful to new vapers though since it will make it easy to find the correct place to get help if needed.

    Now the Athos Tank. This is elegantly designed too. It pairs perfectly with the Speeder Mod. I can tell you that this tank is a cloud chaser tank. Not being a huge fan of these multi-chambered tanks due to past experiences with them, I can see that Aspire took their time with this one. The Pentacoil looks like it will perform nicely and has been designed to eliminate dry hits and wicking issues. The mouthpiece is angled and looks comfortable to the lips. It seems like lip burning will not be an issue here. You can also tell that Aspire has learned from the past with the metal sleeve that goes around the glass and is removable. I like a nice big unrestricted airflow and cannot tell how it is on this tank from the pictures. With the type of coils being used, it has to be plenty since the more cotton you have, the more restrictive it becomes. With the rest being standard features in the market today, I would love to see how this goes against my Cleito 120 and EXO.

    My only suggestion is to get on it and make a rainbow version of the mod to go with the rainbow version of the tank. I have 3 rainbow tanks from Aspire and not one rainbow mod to go with them.
  • Congratulations y'all! <:-P
  • @askJPB Yes,You can share it on Facebook.
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