Nautilus 2 issues

Just purchased the Nautilus 2, works fine when using upright. When I lay the Nautilus down on its side it leaks through the air holes, from what I can see? It's fine when in an upright position. I am not over filling, not over tighting, all the o-rings seem fine.
I just purchased the item today, very frustrating. When filling the liquid, I am turning it upside down for the final turns. I've tried everything I can think of.
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  • @Blakea1790

    Check your coil. It may be a damaged or missing O-ring on the coil which would cause it to leak. If the o-ring is there and looks ok, make sure that the coil is screwed in tightly and not cross threaded!
  • I'm not sure I would tip this one upside-down for the final turns. It seems like a bit of liquid would escape that way. Was this a fix for leaking that I missed?

    Anyway, I keep mine on its side all the time and have not had any leakage issues. If anything, the "gurgling" is much better than the original Nautilus.

    Let us know if the coil was the culprit here! :)
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