Some useful tips to ease the Cleito and Cleito120


The Cleito and Cleito120 are popular products which gained countless good reviews among vapers. Along with these good reviews, there were of course some less favorable ones.
Here we add up some useful tips to help customers use the Cleito & Cleito120 better.
1.Close the air vents, and then fill or change your juice. After filling, flip it upside down so the air vents are at the top. Then open the air vents while upside down to relieve the air pressure and create a proper seal. Try to finish refilling within 30 seconds.
2.Don’t overfill the tank. Not filling the tank all the way to the top leaves a little air inside which helps with wicking.
3.Don’t leave eliquid in the tank while not being used. Cleito and Cleito120 are both designed for direct to lung vaping, this needs high-power and the coils carry a large amount of cotton. If the tank is unused for an extended length of time, the cotton can get saturated with excess juices. When you start to use the tank again, you press the fire button, the ejuice of the innermost layer of cotton gets atomized immediately, but the outer layer of cotton with full juices can stop the air and more juice from entering the inner layer of cotton, so the burning of the cotton could happen. Allow the tank to have a rest every few puffs to absorb juice especially when using high VG.. Besides not keeping juices in the unused tank for long time, drain the juice as far as possible then refill the tank next time its used.
4.Check if all your seals stay seated in their right places without any damage. Change the worn out seals or parts as soon as you notice any damage.
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  • Hi, just wondering if there were any concerns using the cleito 120 at a lower power level. I run it at 65-70W. Flavour is good and its kind to the battery. Just wondering about shortening the life of the coil. I rate this tank highly. Good juice container, nice heating ability and airflow adjuster is awesome !! Also, is there a manual or guide around. Couldn't find it easily on the website
  • @sparkes983 Running it at a lower Wattage will actually improve the life of the coil. The 0.16 Ohm coil for the EXO actually is pretty much the same coil but recommends a lower wattage due to the tank and more restrictive top cap on the coil. Depending on the juice I am using, I run the coil below the recommendations.
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