Cleito exo dry hits.

Brand new exo and in the second tank had horrible dry hits any help?
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  • You probably let your liquid go too low on the first tank ...

    But why don't you tell us a bit more about your way of vaping ? Used resistance ? What power ? What liquid ? ...
  • So sorry 50 watts. 70/30 sweet juice. 1st tank great second an third good with a dry hit. Slotter pop great white and carnival cotton candy and I did by accident run the 1st tank almost dry so probably user error on my part. Thanks for the input
  • Try giving that resistance another chance, sometimes the bad taste fades away; otherwise, change it.
    And don't forget to prime the new one.
  • Same thing for me, using 0.4 coils, first 2 lasted around a week each the next 2 lasted 2 days before dry hits????

    Using at 40 to 50w and 70VG juice. Surely something is wrong....
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