Which mode you should use when getting an adjustable mod in hands

When getting an adjustable mod, which mode you should use?
here are some tips may help you out:
1.Read the information on the user manual
The user manual will be provided in the package and it is very important for you to read before start using the device. Any important info will be included in the manual so that you can understand the product fully.When you get a new box mod, first you should learn about the buttons, regarding how to change the settings with the different button combos, i.e., how to change the modes, how to change the language, how to change the settings etc. You can get this info from the user manual.


2. Know about different modes.
Common adjustable mods contain wattage mode(VW, VV and Bypass modes for options),TC mode,some updated mods contain CFBP(Customizable Firing Button Profiles).
Wattage mode: The wattage mode is the most common mode for vaping, if your atomizer coil is made from Kanthal or SS316L wire material, you can use the wattage mode.

Variable Wattage mode (VW): All the Aspire coils have an accurate suggested wattage range for users’ reference. So you can adjust any watts within this range to find the best wattage point for yourself in the VW mode.Variable Voltage mode(VV): once you get used to adjusting the voltage, you can start to use this mode.Bypass: This is a direct output mode, if you choose this mode, the mod will detect your coil resistance automatically and adjust the output to the highest wattage that the coil can accept.


TC mode: If your coil wire material is Ni/Ti/SS316L, so you need to use the TC mode. Choose the related mode from “Ti, Ni, SS, M1/M2/M3” according to your coil material, for example, if your coil is Ni200, so you just choose Ni. Then You can adjust the temperature in the suggested range to meet your own preferences. Only SS316L can also be used in wattage mode as above
TCR setting: The above “M1/M2/M3” is TCR setting, it will allow you to use a more detailed and accurate setting according to the coil material.


CFBP(Customizable Firing Button Profiles): The CFBP feature allows for heat ramp-up (power curve) to be fine-tuned. This customization can be made with just a few clicks of the NX mod buttons. There is no need to connect to computer to program settings, making this function very easy to use. Firing button profiles create extraordinary flavor with no limitations on tanks.

3.You should choose the correct battery cell for the mod
If your mod is battery changeable,please choose the correct certified batteries,If you use subohm tank normally,please choose certified high drain batteries.(discharge current >25A),Please don't use the batteries which broken wrappers.

4.Then you need know the material and suggested setting range of the coil
When you know the material of the coil,you will know which mode(wattage/TC) to choose.When you know the setting range of the coil,you will know what watts/volts/temperature you should adjust to.For good product life and safe use, please don’t use modes inconsistent to the coil material, and don’t adjust the setting out of the suggested range.

At last,Charge the mod with provided USB cable and the correct charger adapter .

If you have any more problems regarding aspire products, please feel free to check our website for answers: aspirecig.com
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  • Thanks @Tina for the valuable information above! If there are any users out there that are confused on the Customizable Firing Button Profile settings, I did a tutorial on the CFBP for the NX75 and the Archon that you can watch and learn how to set the 3 available profiles to your likes and vaping style.

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