Something just doesn't seem right....

Does it seem strange to anyone that these 'fakes' are all in high end aspire boxes, with scratch off? That the coils are copied down to the logo stamped on it? That metal and glass parts have the logo sometimes engraved into them? That's a lot of attention to detail to sell someone a fake part! In fact, if you had access to a factory that can produce this stuff for you, wouldn't it be a better bet to make minor cosmetic changes and simply create your own brand and sell at a premium price? Or for that matter, with this factory at your disposal, you could bootleg snap-on wrenches and make a lot more money than you can producing shoddy ecig coils with exacting attention to detail... it makes no sense to fabricate an identical coil. The cheaper guts inside of them is probably a 2 cent savings if that.... I came here today because I checked the scratch off on a nautilus mini I just got to replace my old one. Aspire says it doesn't recognize the number... I bought my last one direct, so I know it's real... then I went further... no differences to the naked eye, it functions like a champ, and get this.... I weighed the individual components on my digital scales and the only difference was about a tenth of a gram on the glass... the 'fake' one has thicker glass!
So it's far too much effort into the fakes and not enough proof that they aren't either excact copies, or simply a way to dispose of overstock and/or seconds, or possibly a loophole to not honor warranty on products not bought directly from aspire, who's prices are high for a manufacturer store... please prove me wrong!
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  • @blackcat1369

    There are plenty of other manufacturers who use the same "Type" of scratch off authentication system, not just Aspire. So it would only be fair that you ask the same question of Kangertech, Smok,and the others. Don't be so quick to single out any one manufacturer when they are only trying to make sure that you get what you are paying for and not a subpar clone. There are too many manufacturers making knockoffs selling at severe discounts that "Look" the part but don't perform as expected. The Chinese manufacturers have made selling knock off's an artform in unto itself. Quality is up on many and way down on others. The manufacturers that are using authentication, IMO are mainly looking out for your safety and well being.
  • hello blackcat1369,
    If you check the security code of your Nautilus mini from aspire,
    the result shows that the security code doesn't exist , I am sorry that you bought the fake aspire product.
    The fake manufacturers can sell the copies at low price, because they can use cheap materials, they don't need money for new products development, what's more, they don't care about after-sale service.
    Brand manufacturers are trying their best to make their products hard to be copied.but as users, they need to buy products from a reliable seller for their safety and well being
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