Clieto and Exo top down clamp...

Let me start by saying your Coils rock! I have been using the Clieto for some time and now the newer Exo.
The Exo gives me the confidence I need at work, simply by it's design, so thank you. However, I have reproduced
1 problem scenario I had on my Clieto. If the user doesn't screw the top down tight enough, this is when you will get
your tank emptying through the air chamber. Even though it seems like you have enough pressure while tightening,
it may not be quite enough. I don't want to prematurely ruin the seal by over tightening, so it's hard to gauge exactly
how much pressure to use. One solution I have is to use the top down clamp method. This would apply the proper
pressure without using the friction force on the seal. The top down clamp would also have to be lockable due to the
nature of how users carry their chuck. Another benefit to this technique is that you could eliminate the need for
threading the coils. Simply force fit the bottom of the coil into the base and down clamp the top to secure.
Hope this is useful and I look forward to your products!

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