What PG/VG ratio is recommended for the Aspire K4 (Cleito Clapton 0.27ohm Coils)?

Hey Vapers.

Kinda new to this, so I'm just wondering ratio of PG/VG is recommended for the Aspire K4 (which i love by the way)?
Its uses Cleito Clapton 0.27ohm Coils.

Ive been using 50/50, but some of the juices i want to buy only come in a higher VG ratio eg 70+ and i want to make sure i don't ruin my device or burn my face off.

Thanks in advance! :)
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  • I usually use 50/50 in my Cleito tanks but have on occasion used 80Vg/20Pg with no adverse effects. I recommend that you do not chain vape using a higher VG juice as you run the risk of dry hits and a burnt coil. Always give the coil time to absorb more juice when vaping high VG juices. At least a few seconds between hits (depending on how much vapor you are drawing from the device) is what I advise.
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