Cleto Airlock fix

Hi all I think i have fixed the air locking problem for cleito tanks. I have had the problem for days and realized it was after i cleaned my glass and put it back on. Try checking to see if your glass has a different end (mine had a small dip on one end which went on top with the mouthpiece screwed on). This fixed my problem buy i also got the seals as dry as possible to get rid of some of the super tight seal potentially. This worked for me and i hope it works for you.
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  • Just to clear up, there are many threads reporting burnt coils with the Cleito/120/120 pro tanks. Most are treated as novice vapers, setting wattage to high, using sweet juice or high VG mixes, chain vaping etc, however the problem is a design fault with the air-flow. I buy my coils direct from Aspire, & lately have gone through one coil per day, literally. I thought it was juice burn, discarded several sweet- ish Malaysian juices, lowered wattage way below the norm, you name it, I tried it. Thought it was faulty coils, bought more, same again. After wasting so much time, juice & coils, and suffering dreadful dry burn hits for weeks on end I can't justify constantly releasing the top fill clip- ring after every hit to allow air through. As an old customer I am sadly leaving now for another product until this fault is acknowledged/recognised & rectified. If Aspire would like to continue testing (as most replies state Aspire have not come across the issue via 100's of tests under 'correct use'), I will happily donate my tank to the cause, so please do get in touch. The issue doesn't affect all users, just some. It's a manufacture anomaly between the glass, seals and the coils & depends which combo you have. It's a hardware issue, not the juice, or the wattage, or soaking/priming the wick etc, although the outcome is similar. Highly inconsistent tank which otherwise would have been superb on taste & durability, & a real shame. Please acknowledge Aspire, & I would love you to test my tank........ Cheers.
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    Great to hear that you solved your problem! BTW, I love your screen name!
  • @CaptainCloud first thank you so much for support Aspire, if you have any problem with our product, please feel free to contact Aspire service
    They will seek for suggestion from Aspire engineer.
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