Nautilus 2 BVC 1.8 Coil flooding

This is my first tank and mod (Aspire Zelos kit Nautilus 2) and I really love it when it works, but sometimes the coil gets flooded. I get a bit of gurgling
and the juice always gets down in the base, where the airholes are. Happened both with 1.8 and 0.7 coil.

I always screw down the coil finger tight (the o-ring on the coil is undamaged).
I do not overfill (filling to the top of the coil threading, as mentioned in the manual), I close the airflow while filling and put the top cap on tight. I don't prime these coils, I just let it sit for 15 minutes or more.

-Can someone please list me all the causes that can lead to a flooded coil ?

Is it bad that I do 5-6 "primer puffs" (sucking without firing the mod) with both airflow closed and open after filling for the purpose of better priming ?
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  • @FichoZG

    After you leave the coil sit for 15 minutes, there should be no need to do any primer puffs as that is potentially is what is drawing the extra juice into the coil and causes it to gurgle. When I fill mine and it gurgles (rarely) i just roll up a piece of tissue real tight, remove the drip tip and insert it into the coil to soak up the excess juice.image
    4000 x 3000 - 2M
    tissue.JPG 2.4M
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