beware of aspire store services

i ordered online the day of the release the aspire nautilus 2
canadapost said the item is delivered even if i never received anything or sign anything
i cannot make a complaint with the post service because only the sender of the item can!
email aspire multiple time and said that its delivered and do not care about me...
im trying now with paypay today next step will be the credit card company but its a pain in the ass
never doing business with aspire again!

transaction id: 61M49875LK200054D

i want my 75$ back aspire i will never pay for nothing
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  • order number 201442432
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    Hello friend ,
    Really sorry for the trouble .
    We checked ,and got the reply that the package was delivered to the correct address on 7th March . The shipping address is correct .And other is OK .

    2017-02-25 18:34:00 GuangDongShengShenZhenShi SJYX Posting
    2017-03-03 18:09:00 CANADA CACAYVRA Arrival at Sorting Center
    2017-03-03 18:09:00 CANADA CACAYVRA Handed over to Customs
    2017-03-07 06:49:00 CANADA Arrival at Delivery Office
    2017-03-07 08:04:00 CANADA Delivery

    And we got your email after two months . Did you find it around your family ?
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