Atomizer Short

I recently began using the Aspire Clieto (about 3 months). It has worked great and all of a sudden, I got the alert saying "Atomizer Short". After reading up on this and seeing that it could be partly bc I was using the same coil as when I bought it (although it did not taste burned as many have described), I changed the coil. I cleaned every piece thoroughly and put back together only to now get a "No Atomizer" alert. I have checked the connections and mine has the spring action so it is touching. Any ideas what else it could be?

Remember, I am new to all of this and had to look up the definition of atomizer and coil, so be gentle :)
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    Hello,First use other tanks on your mod,or use the tank on another mod,make sure if the mod is not making good connection with the tank.
    If your mod is working,make sure the connector pin under the base hardware of cleito tank is protruded to make good connection with the mod
    At last,the connector insulated ring may start to age,you need change a new one,users can just buy the connector and insulated ring from aspire online store:
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