Cleito Tanks with Evo75?

Hi Everyone,
Complete newbie here, just wondering if I can use the Aspire Cleito EXO tank (0.4 ohm Atomizer) or the Cleito 120 tank (0.16 ohm Atomizer) with my Evo75 mod? I tried to look around the manuals and the site but couldn't find a cleat answer.


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  • The Cleito Exo will be ok, if you don't ask for too many Watts on the 0.4 Ohms.
    Even at around 40W, your will have to change the battery cell regularly.
    The Cleito 120 with its 0.16 coil will need too much power the Evo75 can handle.

    Best for both : the Archon with its double cell that can handle up to 150 Watt.
  • Thank you so much for the clarification.
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