Nautilus X coils - high resistance?

Hi all,
New here, so forgive me if this is a stupid question, I've recently switched over from cigarettes to vaping (7 days without a cigarette so far)

Initially started off with a CE4 Ego type, but wasn't enough to get me to kick the fags, so invested in a Coolfire 4, and a Nautilus X, however, both of the 1.5 ohm could I've used have been higher than you would think, the current one is at 1.64 ohms, at 15w, running Thor Juice Bat juice which is slightly fruity menthol juice and 70% pg. is this normal, and should I be concerned, they taste and vape ok, but it is a little hit and miss sometimes.

Any suggestions for a noob?


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  • Hello,
    Most of the tanks are made of metal, and metal material will have internal resistance, because the coil installed doesn’t have direct contact with the mod itself, it will add internal resistance of the tank; not only that, the coil temperature will also affect the resistance. That’s why the resistance displayed on the mod is different with the original coil resistance. This is quite normal with all vape devices.

  • Ok, great thank you
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