Order Number: 201445402

I placed a order online with yourselves.The date I made the Order was Sunday 30 April, 2017.
My Order Number is : 201445402. I paid for DHL shipping I've got order confirmation but no other email regarding if the order has been dispatched
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  • I apologize for that . We had a short holiday and just come back . The order was shipped , you can get the tracking number later by email . So you will get the goods after 4-6 days . :D
  • Same here. Order 201445118 on April 22 2017. No tracking info, no updates. Not a good business practice to leave your customer unknowing. Makes them feel as if you do not care about their business. To be honest, I may never buy another Aspire product, due to this incident, and 90% of my vape equipment is Aspire. Love the product, but service is the key. Lack of communication is a very bad thing for your customers.
  • @raven13xxx If you have any question,you can feel free to contact our online store support online@aspirecig.com
    they will answer your emails as soon as they can.
    The freight is out of our control,if customers want to receive the parcel quickly,they can choose DHL shipping way.
  • @raven13xxx
    Sorry ,the order was shipped ,pls check it here ,

    Tracking number :LW185528650CN
    Check website: http://www.ems.com.cn/english.html?COLLCC=3192823246&;

    2017-04-25 09:04 Origin Post is Preparing Shipment, We have received notice that the originating post is preparing to dispatch this mail piece.
    2017-04-25 09:04 CHINA, SHENZHEN EMS, Processed Through Facility
    2017-04-24 19:30 CHINA, Acceptance
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