Pegasus 70 watt manual

I have the Pegasus 70.watt

I need help to a few questions

In power mode does the mod actually put out 70 watts.
Evan thow in using. 0.4 coil.
Ohms law it would be 40 watts with 4v
This leads me to the next question in bypass mode it only puts out no more than 37 watts.
What the problem here. Is bypass just limiting my wattage to my coil

In v/w mode when I put the mods up to 70watts it don't seem no different than 40 watt.
Is there a limiting factor here aswell

My evo coil has a range of 40-50 watts but according to ohms law it can only produce 40 watts. Does that mean my coil can't do 50 watt

And lastly battery sag. How does this affect my watts.

Thanks folks been trying answer all these questions for days now . Il leave it to the experts
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