Nautilus 2 0.7 OHM coils not connecting

I've had this Nautilus 2 for about 1 month. It came with both a 1.8 OHM and a 0.7 OHM coil. I started with the o.7 OHM coil and it worked incredibly well. I then ordered more. In the meantime, I switched to the 1.8 OHM coil, which just doesn't satisfy as much when you're used to a sub-ohm. The new coils arrived today but when I attempt to install them, I get the dreaded "No Atomizer" reading on my iStick Pico 75w. I've cleaned everything multiple times and tried several coils in the pack. The 1.8 works fine, and I realized that the base (connector) is wider on the 0.7 OHM coils, and wonder if that's the issue. I can't seem to find anyone else with this issue, possibly because it's a new product. Any help would be appreciated.
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