Pockex burns too hot

My new pockex gets too hot to use after a few puffs. I have changed to coil, changed the liquid, but the metal around the tops gets too hot to touch with your bare hands! WTF!?
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  • @rebeccas

    First off is it a genuine Aspire product? Did you check the scratch off on the packaging? See this thread to see how to check: https://forums.aspirecig.com/discussion/27688/check-your-aspire-scratch-off-code-for-authenticity#latest
    To me it sounds like either you have too hot of a coil installed (meaning not a genuine Aspire product) or you are vaping too hard on it. This is a Direct to Lung Mod but with a medium draw and a 0.6ohm Stainless Steel U-Tech coil standard rated at 18-23 watts. Unless you are chain vaping, you should not be experiencing that much heat on the mouthpiece. It should indicate on the side of the coil the aforementioned rating information. If it does not, it is a fake and who knows the resistance of the coil or the type of wire used for that matter. I have two of these and have never experienced the heat that you are talking about. If the unit is genuine and you are not satisfied, return it to the retailer where you bought it for a refund or replacement. Aspire PockeX has a 3 month warranty.
  • I will agree with Charlzrocks. I run the PockeX coils in my Nautilus X and they are never too hot even at the 27W that I run them at. Sounds like it could be a fake.
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